What is The Nathanael Project?

Who is Nathanael?

Shouldn't we be witnessing to all of our unsaved friends?

How long does the journey last?

What parts of my church will be involved?

Is there a textbook?

Are there any other books that are needed?

What do the pastors and church leaders need?

Does the pastor need to preach from the same story & text as Dan's Book?

Can we access the material digitally?

How can my church get involved?

What does the program cost?

Will I receive any hard copies of materials with a paid subscription?

Have other churches used this material?

Can we just use parts of the program?

Is this material reserved for an specific denomination?

Can we reproduce materials?

What if we decide to use it after the six month fee has run out or will during the time we are using it?

Do you have material for children?

Do you have a program for teenagers?

When should our church take the journey?

Can we submit suggestions and sermons for use by other churches?

Is there an ongoing aspect to this?

What is 800FollowMe?

What are 800FollowMe's Core Values?

What is 800FollowMe's Mission?

Who is Dan Allen?