The Nathanael Project is uniquely designed to light a spark under all of your church folks when it comes to sharing their faith with unconverted family members, close friends, co-workers and associates, neighbors and the shop-keep down the block (we call them “Nathanaels” - John 1:43-51). The program utilizes an easy-to-read book (Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelism as Natural as Breathing the Truth) which explains the need to, preparation for, and tools to assist in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-confrontational manner. Your folks will be challenged by the preaching of God’s Word related to the eight themes. This will be enhanced with Adult Sunday School material and Small Groups. In fact, the latter is a key for prayer and accountability. But the program is not limited to adults. Children from preschool and early elementary, to Junior Church age and even teens have age-appropriated curriculums to teach them that even within their childlike faith they can bring their Nathanaels to Jesus. A booklet with daily and family devotions reinforces the weekly themes. With all of this plus a special ninth weekend in which Nathanaels are invited to come to Jesus during an evangelistic program that your church plans and puts on, souls will be saved, the Kingdom of God advanced, joy in Heaven and on earth, and you will create a culture of evangelism...more