Outside Advertising

800FollowMe would like to partner with you with an online footprint for your 9th Sunday. This is the Sunday, Saturday or weekend in which your folks will invite their Nathanael to a special service, banquet, concert or program in which the Gospel will be clearly presented.

The advertising for this should start at the beginning of your program (2 months prior to the event).

We recommend the following:

  1. Create a catchy theme question (i.e. Why did Jesus die? What does John 3:16 mean? How can I get to Heaven? etc.) which will be used to promote that special event. You will answer that question at that time.
  2. This, then, can be printed on cards for your people to hand to their friends which will include an invite for that 9th weekend.
  3. Put together a 3-to-5 minute Youtube presentation of the Pastor answering that question. 800FollowMe.com will host your Youtube. We will assign a number where people can find the video. The message will remain on the website for 6-months. Arrangements can be made to post other Gospel messages on our website. This number can be placed on handbill/card your people will use to invite folks to come to the church. 
  4. You could also promote that final weekend as well as the question (the Youtube on www.800FollowMe.com) on a billboard.