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The Nathanael Project is uniquely designed to light a spark under all of your church folks when it comes to sharing their faith with unconverted family members, close friends, coworkers, associates, neighbors and the shop-keep down the block (we call them “Nathanaels,” John 1:43–51). The program utilizes an easy-to-read book (Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelism as Natural as Breathing the Truth) which explains the need, tools and preparation for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-confrontational manner. Your folks will be challenged by the preaching of God’s Word related to eight themes explored in eight weeks. This will be enhanced with Adult Sunday School and Small Group material. In fact, the latter is a key for prayer and accountability. But the program is not limited to adults. Children from preschool to teens have age-appropriate curriculums to teach them that even within their childlike faith they can bring their Nathanaels to Jesus. A booklet with daily and family devotions reinforces the weekly themes. With all of this, plus a special ninth weekend in which Nathanaels are invited to come to Jesus during an evangelistic program that your church plans and puts on, souls will be saved, the Kingdom of God will be advanced, there will be joy in Heaven and on earth, and you will create a culture of evangelism.
Are you ready to see Nathanaels come to Christ and create a culture of evangelism in your church?
*(Michael Parrott, “Street Level Evangelism, Where is the Space for the Local Evangelist,” Acts Evangelism, 35 Spokane, WA, 1993, pp. 9-11)

Parts of the Program

Adults have been around the block a few times. Some have attempted to share their faith with their friends and have had success. Unfortunately, many, many more have been derelict in this duty. Fear of not knowing what to say and when has caused them to remain silent. The Nathanael Project desires to inspire adults to be courageous and share their faith with their Nathanaels.
Pulpit Ministry
There are eight weeks of sermon material available from various pastors (the list will grow if you send us your sermons).
Week 1: Brush with the Greatest
John 1:43–51—Philip has a brush with the“greatest,” goes to his friend, Nathanael. Each person is challenged to identify their
Week 2: Stumped on the Gospel
Acts 8:26–40—Deacon Philip shares
. . . No More! the Gospel with an Ethiopian. We pray for revival this week as the Gospel is clearly presented to the congregation. Week 3 The Correct Source Acts 19:11–20—Seven sons of Sceva were not connected to the correct source. Your church will be challenged to live like Christ.
Week 3: The Correct Source
Acts 19:11–20—Seven sons of Sceva were not connected to the correct source. Your church will be challenged to live like Christ
Week 4: Tapping into the Source
Acts 3:1–10, 4:23–31—Peter, John and the early church were tapped-in to the correct via prayer. We need to intercede for our Nathanaels.
Week 5: Duet Turns Delightful
Acts 16:16–34—Paul and Silas demonstrate genuine Christian living even under dire circumstances—in prison Week 6 Game On Acts 17:16–34—Paul’s approach to the court of Areopagus is priceless and demonstrates one approach for witnessing. Six approaches are discussed.
Week 6: Game On
Acts 17:16–34—Paul’s approach to the court of Areopagus is priceless and
demonstrates one approach for witnessing. Six approaches are discussed.
Week 7: A Dream that Changed the World
Acts 10—Peter’s dream cemented the fact the World this all the world needs to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some barriers may need to come down.
Week 8: Your Turn
Acts 18:1–4, 24–28—A salvation run: the Lord to Paul to Aquilla & Priscilla to Apollos. All Christians are a part of their own salvation run. Who’s next in that run?
Week 9: Nathanael Weekend
An old fashion Friend Day; major event (banquet, drama, concert, sports speaker); Small Group cookout—all the Nathanaels are invited to hear the Good News.
(Sermons are available with a paid subscription.)
Sunday School
Following the weekly theme but using related Scripture passages is the foundationfor the Adult Sunday School material. A strong outline and supporting materialsare included and ready for teachers to finish off with their own personal touches.
Small Groups
Small Groups are often where the rubber hits the road when it comes to prayer, accountability and action. Each person will be teamed-up with a prayer partner and each will identify their Nathanael. The lessons, put together by one of our test churches, go a bit deeper into the theme and passage with relevant questions for discussions. Weekly assignments are given to break the ice with our Nathanaels.
A 5-to-7 minute video—“Dan Allen on Location . . . Sort of” can be viewed at the opening of each Small Group meeting. These video segments filmed on location in New Mexico, New York, South Carolina and Pennsylvania set the stage for the small group. The videos are available on website, or see the shopping cart to purchase a DVD.
Daily Devotional
Several authors have combined their writing talents for the Daily & Family Devotional and Small Group Guide which is available in a combined booklet. The intent is to continue to reinforce what is preached from the pulpit and studied in Sunday School and/or Small Groups. Each participant is encouraged to have a copy. See the shopping cart to order.
Family Devotional
A family devotional guide is included in the Daily & Family Devotional and Small Group Guide. Reading and discussion questions are suggested. A memory verse is provided for each week. There’s even a Home School assignment that could also be used for further study in any home.
Teens & Kids
There are no qualifiers in Scripture concerning the age at which one can start sharing their faith with their Nathanael. Children will need help, but they often have tremendous zeal. And teens don’t want to see their Nathanaels spend eternity away from God. So, age-appropriate curriculums are available.
Primary Church
Even little ones can be introduced to what we hope will be a lifelong desire to see their Nathanaels come to know Jesus. In a very simple way they are presented with these truths. They, also, are introduced to Gus, the Good News Bear.
Junior Church
Lessons based on the theme, skits, games, snack suggestions, and crafts make this a complete program for kids. If a church does not have a Junior Church program, the material could be adapted to Sunday School.
Youth Group
Following the theme but using related Scripture passages, this material includes not only comprehensive lessons with a Q & A for each lesson but also Small Group material and a weekly assignment for the teens to do in regard to their Nathanael.


Costs of the Program

How much is too much to pay for a soul?
That’s an impossible question to answer. We would give our lives and everything we have to see our loved ones come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
The Nathanael Project was developed by a pastor who knows that added costs are just not in the budget. So, you will see the “Fee” for the program is very reasonable and includes materials in hard copy (several of the text books—“Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and Daily & Family Devotional, Small Group Study Guide, and Children’s Church curriculums, as well as access for you, your leadership and your people to the materials that are online (these include sermons, leader’s guides, and curriculums for adult Sunday School, small groups, teens and children, as well as the Daily and Family Devotional. An email address and password will access the pastor/leader’s section of the website with a password for anyone in your congregation to gain access to the devotionals and small group material.
For “costs” and all that you receive see “Fee for Program” under “Introduction.”
Limited scholarships are available for smaller churches. Contact the director:
[email protected]