Time Line

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Time Line & Administrative Material

Six - Five Months Out
  1. Pastor prays about using 800FollowMe Church Evangelism program called The Nathanael Project
  2. Views videos on www.TheNathanaelProject.com
    – Introductory Video & interview with Dan Allen
    – “Explosively Supernatural Evangelism (starts with two children on swings)
    – Video of Pastor Bob Sloan: “Creating a Culture of Evangelism” (5 to 7 minutes)
  3. Orders personal evangelism book by Dan Allen – Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...
    Evangelism as Natural as Breathing the Truth. Available on Amazon and Google (Kindle edition)
  4. Identifies his Nathanael
    – Begins intercessory prayer for the salvation of his Nathanael
Five - Four Months Out
  1. Pastor makes presentation to Elders/Leaders of church)
    – Shows introductory videos
  2. Elders/Leaders approve campaign and set dates (See DATES)
  3. Elders/Leaders discuss 9th week special evangelistic outreach (See 9th WEEK)
  4. Elders/Leaders begin praying about the one to be each of their Nathanaels
Four - Three Months Out
  1. Elders/Leaders identify their Nathanaels
  2. First meeting of the Campaign Team (See AGENDA 1)
Three - Two Months Out
  1. Second meeting of the Campaign Team (See AGENDA 2)
  2. Pastor tapes video and sends to 800FollowMe.com
  3. Pastor and/or worship leaders/announcers introduce the program to congregation (See ANNOUNCEMENTS)
The Month Prior to Campaign
  1. Third meeting of the Campaign Team (See AGENDA 3)
  2. Announcements each week (bulletin and pulpit). These could also be skits. If your church writes some, please share with 800FollowMe.
  3. Sign-up for Small Groups. The goal is for everyone to be in a Small Group.
  4. Table to sell books and devotionals
The Two Months of the Campaign
More information will be available soon
Conversions Story Videos
The Months after the Campaign
More information will be available soon
DATES for the Campaign
The Nathanael Project is designed for a two month period, 9-weeks. There is one theme per week and on the 9th week a special Sunday (or weekend) designed for church folks to invite their Nathanaels. Fall and Spring (Lent) are excellent times to conduct this campaign. One should attempt to stay away from holidays although ending on Christmas or Easter would not be a bad idea. Summers can be challenge with so many folks being away.
TEAM, Campaign Members
Sometimes it is easier to be a one-man-band doing these things by oneself or a very small group. We’d agree that in decision-making it is much easier with less people. And in small churches many hats are worn by the leadership. With a mid-sized church, it’s the more the merrier. The more leaders that are involved in the planning stages, the more individuals will have a vested interest in seeing the program succeed and they, in turn, will encourage others to get-on-board. To that end, for each person listed as a member of the committee there are suggestions for others “on their team.” They should have a committee or group of folks around them as well to assist in accomplishing the tasks.
  1. Chairman of Campaign - could be the pastor, executive pastor or a leader in the church
  2. Publicity Person - in charge of advertising inside and outside of the church
    On their team:
    – Someone to oversee public advertising (especially of the 9th week evangelistic outreach)
    – Someone to oversee in church advertising (posters, bulletin & Powerpoint announcements)
    – Printer/copier person
  3. Media Leader
    On their team:
    – Conversion Story Coordinator - will gather various individuals to give their salvation testimony each week. Video-taped testimonies can be time-saving.
    The purpose to these is to remind the folks that God is still into evangelism … it can be done.
    – Video production – produce the above videos.
    – Sound & video technicians (those who run these during services)
  4. Children & Teen Leader
    On their team:
    – Children’s Church Leader - will oversee the children’s church ministry
    – Youth Pastor or Leader - will oversee the teen program
  5. Worship Service Leader
    On their team:
    – Worship Team Leader (will prepare music appropriate to the theme and campaign)
    – Drama Team Leader - will work on skits for the program
  6. Small Group Leader - will organize the small groups and their material
    On their team:
    – All the Small Group Leaders
    – A secretary to assist in administrating the placement of folks in Small Groups.
  7. Financial Person
    On their team:
    – Book Table Overseer (to sell the books & devotionals)
    – Treasurer or someone in charge of collecting money and paying bills.
  8. Follow-Up Director - will develop a plan of follow-up for those who receive Christ
    On their team:
    – Counselors for the 9th week evangelistic service
    – Disciplers for those who make decisions to become followers of Jesus. It would be great if the “Philips” who brought their newly converted “Nathanaels” would do the discipling
  9. Secretary – this could be someone from the above list
Bulletin Announcements
Pulpit Announcements
9TH WEEK – Nathanael Sunday/Friend Day or Weekend
The 9th week is when the church will put together an evangelistic outreach.
Think of it—for 8-weeks your folks have been praying for and beginning to witness to their Nathanael. If ever there were individuals READY to hear the Gospel . . . it is NOW!
Planning for the 9th week needs to begin before the program starts (we’re suggesting 4 or 5 months ahead of time). The reason for this is that you will need at least that much time to invite an evangelist/sport’s figure/someone extra special to present the Gospel. In some cases you will need more time to do this.
One minister colleague called this “Nathanael Sunday.” Perhaps that’s what it is. The old “Friend Day” comes to mind as well. Some of the concepts in this program were borrowed from the 1980s/1990s version of Friend Day put together by Elmer Towns and Larry Gilbertson (still available). Church-goers identified their friends and then brought them to a specific Sunday designated: “Friend Day.” When done correctly, it was highly successful.
We believe that is the case for this program as well. This is a Friend Day on steroids! 
The 9th week could be a banquet (sports or something else); a festival at the church (but there needs to be a time when the Gospel is presented (these Nathanaels are ready!); a small group gathering of all the Nathanaels of the small group; etc.
We’d be interested in what your church does for this special 9th week. Please let us know at 800FollowMe.org (comments)
Promotion for your 9th Sunday could be the chosen theme as mentioned before (see THEME). This would be a question you will be asking. Promoting that inside and outside the church will be beneficial for not only your “Philips” and their “Nathanaels” but also others in the
community who may want to hear the answer to the theme question.
Campaign Team Meeting Agendas
  1. Show introductory video
  2. Either shows “Creating a Culture of Evangelism” video or Pastor give devotional on the same.
  3. Introduce each team member and identify their responsibilities.
  4. Team members encouraged to pray about who their Nathanael should be ready by the next meeting to identify who that Nathanael is.
AGENDA 2 for Campaign Team
  1. Update from all team members
    Publicity Person - plans for promoting the program in and out of church
    Media Leader - plans to tape pastor and or those giving testimonies
    Children & Youth Leader - has reviewed material and is working with teachers and helpers to put everything together.
    Worship Service Leader - update on music, skits
    Small Group Leader - groups have leaders; a way has been decided to divide folks into groups
    Financial Person - update on sales table
    Follow-Up Director - has contemplated plans for follow-up
  2. Identify their Nathanaels
  3. Serious session of prayer for Nathanaels and entire program
AGENDA 3 for Campaign Team
  1. Old Business, updates from all the team members, any unfinished business
  2. Update on progress being made with their Nathanaels
  3. Serious session of prayer for Nathanaels and entire program